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WILKS 8’72

(AAA: *19397309) — Curve Bending Sire — Elite EPD’s & Performance — Top Marbling Sire — 8.72% Adjusted %IMF — Top 1% on RADG — Top 10% On YW

This $71,000 top-selling bull of the Fall 2020 Wilks Ranch sale in Texas was renamed to commemorate his 8.72% adjusted %IMF estimate that earned him a ratio of 181 and an elite Marbling score EPD that is ideal for siring progeny and descendants that will fit the specifications of the Linz Heritage Angus USDA Prime program that is one of the most respected sources of the most valuable and and desired steaks in the world.

The $52,000 donor dam of this sensation has a full sister to him working for Ney Cattle Company of Hoisington, Kansas and she is a cornerstone donor of the Wilks program.


Birth Date: 2/13/2019
Reg: AAA – 19397309


WW: +67
YW: +135


MILK: +28
MW: +103


$B: +208
$M: +64


(Sire) of Wilks 8’72

A A R Ten X 7008 SA

(Maternal Sire) of Wilks 8’72

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