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Sire Buyer was organized to assist animal producers in both the buying & selling of genetics!   Simply put, we are here to bring animal producers together. Our genetic focus is two-fold. We specialize in the classified display of both Semen & Embryo’s!  Sire Buyer aims to give the seller a larger platform in readership regarding their animals semen and the embryo’s from their donors!  We offer a large based audience to give recognition of your product and/or your need.  Sire Buyer exists to bring production breeders together.   

Sire Buyer is a classified forum where bidding is done by email!  If you have semen or embryo’s you would like to sell, email us at info@sirebuyer.com and we will list your availability.  

If you are looking to purchase semen or embryo’s within the website, click on the ‘Email Your Response’ link on the ad or email us at info@sirebuyer.com and we will notify the seller for you.  We will then contact you back with their response!  Sire Buyer charges a 10% commission fee if the units are sold!  

When the semen or embryo’s are sold and agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller, We will collect payment from the buyer, deduct 10% and will mail the seller the check for the sale!  Once the seller receives payment, they will then contact the buyer and organize shipment!  Sire Buyer takes 10% off the sellers total price.

If you have semen you are looking for that is not listed on the site, let us know, and we will list it on our ‘Semen Wanted’ section for you.  In addition, we will work to help locate the semen for you.  If the semen is found and you agree to the sale, we will collect a 10% service fee of the total sale.

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Contact us with your order and we will send you a price for your shipment!  We can ship both Domestically and Internationally.  Let us know your need and we will accomidate you!

Charged shipper request

If you are in need of a charged shipper for a CLASSIFIEDS ADs purhcase; we can help you with that!  Let us know your location and we will help find the best result for your needs!


When you’re ready to pick up your units, let us know!  We have units on site for our Catalog Sires.  If you are looking to pick up units from a CLASSIFIEDS listing, be sure to notify the seller!

need help?

If you are needing assistance on Catalog Bulls, Classified Listings or Auctions, please contact us and we can help you with anything needed!  We are here to help!  info@sirebuyer.com