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Welcome, to the SIRE BUYER CLASSIFIEDS! Here you will find the latest bull semen listings across the nation. If you would like to create a listing, submit us an email.


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Brangus Semen For Sale: Package GENEX10-268

Brangus Semen For Sale: Package GENEX10-268

SOLD Brinks Arabela 1038 – 19 units – $20.00 ea
SOLD Brinks Bright Side 607L11 – 11 units – $20.00 ea
SOLD Chief Of Indian Hills 23P68 – 18 units – $20.00 ea
SOLD CRC Guardian 9U8U5 – 22 units – $20.00 ea
SOLD DCC Mr Paladin 915U5 – 9 units – $20.00 ea
SOLD DDD One Source 103A4 – 13 units – $20.00 ea
SOLD DDD Walks Alone 193W6 – 11 units – $20.00 ea

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