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SAV Downpour 8794 is an absolute genetic powerhouse with massive volume, muscle dimension, dominating performance and a herd changer.  He was heralded as “one of the best to ever walk through the sale ring of 116 production sales” by Schaff Angus Valley.  He scored a whopping 205-day weight of 1082 lbs., ranking among the four heaviest bulls of his competitive calf-crop, earning weaning and yearling EPDs in the breed’s top 1%.  He will be a poundmaker, a cowmaker and a profitmaker with potential beyond the breeding pasture.


Check out this industry changing sire prospect! General is a bull that has been a stick out since day one that many have heard about throughout the summer, fall & winter. General instills every single trait all registered seed stock producers and commercial cattleman strive to achieve no matter where you may reside across the entire globe.


SAV Ajax 8885 is a landmark sire with powerful phenotype, outlier muscle-shape and scale crushing performance.  He is ultra-thick, stout, rugged built, heavy muscled and bred to be that way.  Ajax demonstrates structural integrity, superior foot quality and packs a performance punch.  He was part of the # 1 marbling bull flush in the entire SAV calf-crop,  Seeing is believing – he has breed-impact potential and will attract an audience of fans across the country. 

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