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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Make A Purchase?

To make a CLASSIFIEDS or NEW SIRE  purchase, simply contact us and let us know which units within the ad you are interested in!

Offers are accepted within our CLASSIFIEDS! We contact the sellers & mediate the sale!

The seller will then respond to your offer and we will notify you of their response!

How Do I Contact A Seller?

We contact the sellers for you!  Contact is made between the buyers & the sellers once payment has been received in our offices!

After payment has been received, we will send you a ‘FINALIZED INVOICE.”  This invoice will contain the “Sellers” information and allow you to contact the seller at that time!

We are here to answer any and all questions for you pertaining to a listing.  You can call the main office (402) 267-1144 or email us here: info@sirebuyer.com

Does it cost money to be a buyer?

No!   There is no such fee to purchase units within the Sire Buyer Classifieds Portals!

How Does Shipping Work?

Our buyers are always responsible for the shipping payments and arrangements within the CLASSIFIEDS.  If you are purchasing NEW SEMEN from our SIRES, we can handle the shipping here!

Within the CLASSIFIEDS, every listing we have is unique per the sellers’ location.  Shipping information is specified within each indivdual listing.

We have units located within the entire country.  Units will be specified by ranch location or storage location.   When units are listed by location (EX: Trans Ova);  the units are released in the BUYERS name once the sellers receive payment from us, for their units!

When units are located on a ranch/farm.  A charged shipper will need to be sent!   We don’t handle shipping for that situation but we do have shipping companies we recommend!  Please contact us for those details!  (402) 267-1144

What Is The Time Frame To Send In Payment?

14 days!  If payment is not collected within those 14 day’s of the invoice date, the units are automatically marked as UNSOLD and are free to be purchased by the next buyer!

If payment cannot be made within that time period, contact us, and we will ensure the seller agrees to any contigency.

How Can I Ensure The Units Are Good?

Our sellers are reputable ranchers/farmers and nationally known semen companies across the country.  Though we cannot substantiate every unit sold,  we do enstrust our sellers and stand by their names within the units sale!

Units can be agreed to be tested prior to a sale at the buyers expense!


How Do I List Units To Sell?

If you are interested in listing units with us, please email us at: info@sirebuyer.com

Let us know what you would be interested in selling and we will list it on the site for you.

Sire Buyer receives a 10% sales commission on the total of the final sale.  If you sell units that total $500.00, Sire Buyer would receive $50.00 for that particular sale.

It is FREE to list on Sire Buyer!  A 10% commission is only collected if units are SOLD.   If you sell units at home, no problem!  Just let us know and we will remove those units for you, at not cost!

When a buyer & seller agree on a sale, the buyer will pay Sire Buyer.  We then ensure funds for the sellers, deduct a 10% commission fee and then send payment to the seller.  The buyer and sellers contact information will be exchanged and the buyer will then organize shipping with the seller!

Buyers are always responsible for shipping payments!

How Can I Find Potential Prices For My Units?

No problem.  We can help you with prices!  We have a vast database we can use to let you know current prices.

Though we will not tell our sellers what prices to set, we can help advise you in that area if needed!

How Do I Receive The Buyers Information?

The buyers information will be released to the seller at any time during the process!

We release the buyers information to the seller within a FINALZIED INVOICE once we receive payment from the buyer!  That invoice is emailed to our sellers!

You are free to contact the buyer at any time to help them orgaznie for shipment.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Payment

14 days!  If buyers exceed the 14 day time limit; units will be added back to the listing pages!

If buyers are unable to certify funds during that period, it can be allowed if the seller agrees!

do i need to become a member to sell?

We do not request our sellers to log in to submit a sale within our classified listings at this time.

We will require your contact information and need a few other questions answered within our offices before we get you going.

At that time, we will get you qualified and ready to begin making money!

other questions

how can i work at sire buyer?

Sire Buyer is currently hiring Services Reps across the country.  If you’d like to be employed at Sire Buyer within this position or others, please contact us at info@sirebuyer.com.

where can i purchase sire buyer clothing?

Sire Buyer Clothing will be coming soon!  We will be selling Hats, T-Shirts, Jackets & more.

how can i get my bull within your catalog?

We would like to hear more about your bull!  Please contact us at info@sirebuyer.com.

where is sire buyer located?

Sire Buyer is currently located within three different locations.  We have Classifieds offices in Seward, Nebraska.  Lincoln, NE & Dallas, TX.

We are currently buidling offices for our Catalog Sires in Valparasio, NE.   Bull Tours will be avaialble soon!

are you going to have a classifieds section for livestock sales?

Yes.  We are currently building a portal to list Livestock sales!

does sire buyer offer online auctions?

Not at this time.  But we are currently buidling this area for our users!


Store Hours

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Sunday: 11am – 5pm

Christmas Day: Closed

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General: (402) 267-1144

Shipping: (972) 861-2120

Accounts: (402) 202-2034


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