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(AAA: *19456453) — High Performance Sire — Volume, Frame, Body & Length — Top 2% on Foot Angle — Top 5% on WW — Top 10% On YW

Topp Huron 8350 is a unique OUTCROSS sire. Huron is a wide-based, high performance sire. We love his volume, body length, superior foot quality, and herd bull presence. Huron combines an individual birth ratio of 99 with individual weaning and yearling ratios of 107 and 111 respectively and an individual ribeye ratio of 131. The dam Topp Barbara 5309 is a third generation donor dam for Topp Angus with weaning and yearling ratios of 108 and 109 respectively and continues the cow family’s tradition of moderate birth, big weaning, superior udder quality and overall soundness. If structural soundness and phenotypic balance is of importance to you, then Huron deserves a hard look. You will not find a longer strided, wider based, proud bull as you do with Huron


Birth Date: 8/07/2018
Reg: AAA *19456453


WW: +74
YW: +127


MILK: +23
MW: +91


$B: +132
$M: +64

Mohnen South Dakota 402

(Sire) of TOPP Huron 8350

TOPP Barbara 5309

(Dam) of TOPP Huron 8350

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