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(AAA: +*18791443) — Muscle, Power & Structure — Clean Sheathed & Strong Scrotal — Top 25% on RADG — Top 55% on WW — Top 50% On YW

‘Schroeder Ace 106’ is an exciting Sire prospect for all cattlemen across the country.  He is full of style, muscle, power & structure.  He is clean sheathed & has a strong scrotal.  He is a moderate framed sire with estra shape, and loads of power through his top & hip.  Ace is a performance sire.  His RADG EPD ranks in the Top 25% of the breed.  His scrotal score is at The Top 15% of the breed and his Milk Power EPD is a +24.  He is a leading son sired by the elite producer ‘Greene Pokerface 1304’.  Contact us today to purchase units from ‘ACE’. 


Birth Date: 10/26/2016
Reg: AAA +*18791443


WW: +53
YW: +95


MILK: +24
MW: +38


$B: +107
$M: +26

Greene Pokerface 1304

(Sire) of Schroeder Ace 106

Schroeder ace 106

(Yearling Photo) of Schroeder Ace 106

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