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S A V Black Diamond 7903

(AAA: *18911247) — Frame, Power, Muscle & EPD’s — Big Pounds & Goot Footed — Top 5% on Claw & Foot Angle — Top 2% on WW — +21 on Docility — Top 3% On YW (+134)

“Black Diamond” is an elite sire prospect for operations looking for gains, frame and power. He is in the Top 5% of the breed in feet scores on both CLAW & ANGLE. His weaning & yearling weights are impeccable. He scores in the Top 2% on weaning and the Top 3% on yearling weight. His rate of gain score is within the Top 15%. He is second to none in following his proven DAM SAV Emblynette 1808. ‘Black Diamond’ is a sire for feedyard cattle. High $Values and Elite Carcass quality.


Birth Date: 1/6/2017
Reg: AAA +*18911247


WW: +81
YW: +134


MILK: +23
MW: +108


$B: +164
$M: +45


(Sire) of S A V Black Diamond 7903

S A V Blackcap May 1808

(Dam) of S A V Black Diamond 7903

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