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(AAA: 18956234) — Top Carcass Sire Opportunity — Top 10% on Marbling — Top 15% on Ribeye — Top 3% on WW — Top 3% on YW —

“Submission” is one of the top carcass sires in the country. He scores in the Top 10% of the entire breed in Marbling. He also ranks in the Top 15% of the breed in Ribeye. He has an elite birth to weaning & yearling spread and has tremendous phenotype. You will really appreciate the amount of eye appeal and performance the bull has to offer. His Dam has been one of the top producing cows in the Pass Angus herd. She has had her past three natural sons average over $14,000 in 3 years. Be sure to check out ‘Submission’s’ $Value scores. He is the top 5% or better in $F, $B & $G.


Birth Date: 2/14/2017
Reg: AAA +18956234


WW: +77
YW: +135


MILK: +21
MW: +118


$B: +197
$M: +43

Poss Easy Impact 0119

(Grand Sire) of Poss Submission 

R/M Ironstone 4047

(Maternal Grand Sire) of Poss Submission

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