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Musgrave Redemption

(AAA: +*19543202) — He Combines Calving Ease, Maternal Strengths, Carcass, Docility & Phenotype into a Big Package! — Elite EPD’s & Performance —

Introducing ‘Redemption’.   The lead off high selling bull in The Musgrave Angus Spring 2020 sale. He combines calving ease, maternal strengths, carcass, docility and phenotype into a big package!  He is an ELITE HEIFER bull prospect.  He ranks in the Top 20% on Calving Ease.  His Birth-Weight EPD -> -.9 – Ranking him in the Top 10% of the breed.   His Weaning & Yearling Weight EPDS are both within the Top 15% of the breed.  Redemption is poised to make a major splash for Angus Breeders across the country.  Use REDEMPTION today on your heifer projects!  


Birth Date: 1/20/2019
Reg: AAA +*19543202


WW: +71
YW: +117


MILK: +35
MW: +67


$B: +133
$M: +59


(Sire) of Musgrave Redemption

Musgrave Barbara 303-947

(Dam) of Musgrave Redemption

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by The Herd Report - Hosted by (Scott Beck) - Special Guests - Brock Foxhoven (Foxhoven Angus) - Cory Thompson (605 Sires) - Tyler Musgrave (Musgrave Angus)

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