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(AAA: *18836237) — A Tue Performance Sire — Power, Pounds & Profit — Top 1% on RADG — Top 3% on WW — + Frame — Top 2% On YW (+142)

‘Intuition’ is a larger framed ‘Insight’ son with true performance. Use Intuition to add power, pounds & profit. He ranks in the Top 3% on Weaning Weight and Top 2% on Yearling Weight. A true pounds sire. He astoundly ranks in the Top 1% of the entire breed in RADG. His foot scores rank in the top of the breed, not to mention his elite $Values. He is in the Top 4% of the breed or better in $W, $F & $Beef. His Ribeye ranks in the Top 2%. Intuition is an elite sire for cattlemen who pride themselves in pounds at weaning and in the feedyards, with dollar values at the highest level. Be sure to use Intuition this breeding season.


Birth Date: 3/8/2017
Reg: AAA +*19283610


WW: +77
YW: +142


MILK: +40
MW: +70


$B: +172
$M: +60

PVF Insight 0129

(Sire) of Mead Intuition R497

Mead Leann K109

(Dam) of Mead Intuition R497

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