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(AAA: +*19540405) — High End Calving Ease Sire With Style & Maternal Power— Elite EPD’s & Performance — Top 20% on WW — Top 35% on YW — Top 5% On $M

Recommended For Heifers! ‘Altitude Plus 854’ is a standout sire in a very elite class – super fronted, thick topped and muscular with structural correctness and perfect balance. He will sire beautiful, perfect fronted calves with a competitive edge. Study his Dam – S A V Madame Pride 9803 – a seventh generation embryo donor and prolific producer with progeny that continue to surface to the top of breeding programs. Altitude Plus is a sensational representation of 9803 and Altitude – to be introduced to the Angus breed. Order units on ALTITUDE PLUS today!


Birth Date: 8/14/2018
Reg: AAA +*19540405


WW: +65
YW: +104


MILK: +17
MW: +9


$B: +103
$M: +77

McConnell Altitude 3114

(Sire) of McConnell Altitude Plus 854

S A V Madame pride 9803

(Dam) of McConnell Altitude Plus

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