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(AAA: *17047841) — #1 Proven EPD Bull In The Entire Breed Combining Birth, Weaning, Yearling & RADG — Top 1% on WW, YW $ RADG — Top 1% on WW — Top 1% on YW — Top 1% On RADG

‘KLR Maximizer 1487’ is the Number 1 Sire in the entire breed Combining Birth, Weaning, Yearling, and RADG – the most important values to Breeders who sell their calves by the pound who need to have calving ease and growth. Maximizer offers an outcross pedigree for most breeders that is loaded with powerful, high performing individuals. His dam is sired by the powerful cow-maker 602C and she is a member of the great Lucy cow family. She is a genetic replica of the great Basin Lucy 178E. His first calves dominated the 2015 Midland bull test having the top 3rd, 4th and 9th overall WDA sons and were the number one ‘Ribeye Sire’ group as well. Maximizer was the high-gaining bull at the Conner State University Bull Test at 6.61 lbs. a day and scanned an actual 20” Ribeye. The 2017 Treasure Bull Test Champion Jackpot Bull – a 1345 lb YW son of KLR Maximizer with an ADG of 3.71 and a Single Shot Jackpot Index of 111. Sons were top selling sire group at 2016 Reppe Ranch Bull sale averaging $8,750. Maximizer is a game changing sire to add $Value, Maternal & POWER to your programs.


Birth Date: 9/10/2011
Reg: AAA +*17047841


WW: +94
YW: +162


MILK: +19
MW: +124


$B: +140
$M: +35

BECK-CSG Optimizer 8005

(Son) of KLR Maximizer 1487

Cornerstone Elba 8008

(Daughter) of KLR Maximizer 1487

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