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(AAA: 19628917) — Curve Bending Sire — Elite EPD’s & Performance — Use Cork On A Wide Variety Of Traditional Angus Pedigrees — Top 1% on WW — Top 15% on RADG — Top 2% On YW

Introducing ‘Cork F944’. A Curve bending sire with elite EPD’s and performance. Use Cork on a wide variety of traditional angus pedigrees to add POWER and STYLE. Cork is a POUNDS machine. He ranks in the Top 1% in Weaning EPDs, 2% on Yearling EPDs & 15% on Rate of Gain – In the entire Angus Breed; This guy has the performance to back it up – Impeccable feet & strong scrotal. He is one of the strongest PAYWEIGHT sons to date. Adding Frame, Length & Scope. Add CORK to your breeding programs today!


Birth Date: 8/9/2018
Reg: AAA 19628917


WW: +82
YW: +142


MILK: +29
MW: +79


$B: +157
$M: +56

Basin Payweight 1682

(Sire) of JAR Cork F944

Basin Payweight Plus

(1/2 Brother) of JAR Cork F944

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