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(AAA: 18918582) — Curve Bending Sire — Elite EPD’s & Performance — Top 15% on WW — Top 5% on RADG — Top 10% On YW

HA Outside Two 7891 is another terrific bull for Commercial Breeders. He is son of KG Solution 0018 and HA Ever Lady 1575 one of the most productive cows produced by Hinman Angus. “Two” is a bull that loves to breed and doesn’t mind working for the pleasure. He has serviced cows and heifers for several years at Hollow Top regardless of the size or topography of the pasture. Every year he turns out to have been responsible for a dominant share of bull-bred females. He throws calves with birthweights generally in the mid-eighty, to ninety-pound range, with YW EPDs in the top third of the herd and have very strong quality feet. He has an actual PAP score of 35, taken at an age of 2 years and at 6,000 feet and passes it on. Approximately 75% of his heifer calves had actual scores below 42, taken at 18 months of age at 6,000 feet.


Birth Date: 3/7/2017
Reg: AAA 18918582


WW: +72
YW: +135


MILK: +25
MW: +88


$B: +137
$M: +54

KG Solution 0018

(Sire) of HA Outside Two 7891

HA Ever Lady 1575

(Son) of HA Outside Two 7891

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