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(AAA: 18606696) — Pizzaz, Dimension & Structure — Top Performance EPDs — Top 1% on RADG — Top 3% on WW — Top 2% on YW — +22 on Docility — Use Oasis To Keep Style, Add Extension & Pounds

Be a part of the wave and experience the Oasis. Oasis sire’s the kind of calves that sellers love to sell and buyers love to buy. He adds pizazz, dimension, length, and structure integrity to his offspring while still offering top of the line performance data and EPD’s- You can have both and Oasis is the answer! Oasis is siring beautiful daughters that are clean yet they still have capacity and bone. He sire’s extremely docile calves and he puts a perfect hard foot on them. Oasis is earning his way to the top the old-fashioned way with his progeny where he currently has a 103 WW ratio. If you are looking to change your calf crop in one generation, looking to keep the style, looking to add extension, looking to add pounds, looking for great replacement heifers… Oasis is the bull for you!


Birth Date: 2/24/2016
Reg: AAA: 18606696


WW: +78
YW: +140


MILK: +23
MW: +98


$B: +170
$M: +48

Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36

(Sire) of Byergo Oasis 6052

Byergo Miss Elia 5899

(Dam) of Byergo Oasis 6052


by The Herd Report - Hosted by (Scott Beck) - Special Guests - Bryson Byergo (Byergo Angus) - Gloria Jensen (Hawkeye Breeders Services) - Brian Herbolsheimer (Herb Angus)

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