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(AAA: *18251460) — Power Sire With Performance — Muscle Expression & Volume — High Selling Son of ‘EXAR Emblazon 8268’ — Top 5% on WW — Top 5% On YW (+131) — Strong Scrotal EPDs

‘Reflex’ is a power sire with performance. He scores in the Top 5% of the breed in Weaning & Yearling weights. Yet, he powers through with a +9 on Calving Ease. His spread speaks volumes to commercial cattlemen searching for Calving Ease & POWER GAINS. Is a high selling son of ‘EXAR Emblazon 8268’. He will sire deep bodied, structurally correct calves. ‘Reflex’ scores high in $values. He ranks within the 10% of the breed in $W and $F.


Birth Date: 1/1/2015
Reg: AAA +*18251460


WW: +75
YW: +131


MILK: +27
MW: +94


$B: +124
$M: +25


RITO 6EM3 of 4L1 Emblazon

(Grand Sire) of Buford Reflex C300

Bon View New Design 878

(Maternal Grand Sire) Bon View New Design 878

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