Donor: Ponca Creek Blackbird 955 (16363256)

SOLD 3 embryos by Casino Constable T 34 – $575 ea
SOLD 3 embryos by Sitz Stellar 726D (Sexed F) – $800 ea
SOLD 3 embryos by Square B Atlantis 8060- $575 ea

3 conventional embryos, conventional flush, using conventional semen.
Sire: Casino Constable T 34 (19904224)
Stored at Larsen ET Service, Valentine, NE.
Price: $575 each

3 IVF embryos, sexed FEMALE
Sire: Sitz Stellar 726D (18397542)
Stored at Larsen ET Services, Valentine NE
Price: $800 each

3 conventional embryos (conventional flush, conventional semen)
Sire: Square B Atlantis 8060 (19405249)
Stored at Larsen ET Service, Valentine, NE
Price: $575 each

Footnote for cow:

955 is the culmination of our intense search for another daughter (in addition to Black Ceyla of Conanga 0267) of Connealy All Around who is still producing in her teens. The Connealy All Around bull has produced daughters which have dominated entire programs throughout their life, such as Poss Angus Ranch (with Poss Blueblood 920), Vintage Angus Ranch (with VAR Blackbird 9319), Connealy Angus Ranch (with Black Ceyla of Conanga 0267 and other All Around daughters), as well as 955 herself in the Ponca Creek herd. 955 is a 2nd generation Pathfiner, with 5 out of 7 cows on the bottom side of her pedigree achieving Pathfinder status. Her average production record is: WR 6 @ 116; YR 5 @ 108; Marb 47 @ 101; RE 47 @ 102. She is still sound and productive at 13 years of age, and will calve next spring at 14 years old. She originates from the Ponca Creek cowherd in Bonesteel, SD, who had their first bull sale in 1918 and dispersed in 2018 following the death of Tom Lillibridge. The herd was largely comprised of Connealy genetics. The average sale price of her sons, in a herd which might be considered “under the radar”, was $15,200! One of her sons, Ponca Creek Pepper, was in the Origen roster and sold semen to breeders nationwide. She has sold sons and daughters to numerous registered herds, including Mohnen Angus, SD; Raven Angus, SD; Cottonwood Angus Farms, MN; Larson Ranch, SD; Bolton Ranch, SD; Gary Siegel, NE and others. 955 was and is a dominant cow with proven prepotency. In fact, sons produced when she was 11 years old were still dominant in their contemporary group, and topped the Forgey Angus sale this past spring.