DonorMyers Queen m180 (16906698)

Embryos: Grade 1

SOLD 3 embryos by Deer Valley Unique (Sexed F) – $500 ea
Guarantee 1/3 pregnancy if put in by certified Embryo Technician.
M180 is one of the most powerful Hoover Dam daughters in the breed. She is 11 and still one of the foundation donor females for ATM Farms. Her son Keystone at GeneX is the proven calving ease sire.  She is perfect uddered still and productive at 11. Daughters by this female have excelled at ATM farms and are continuing to build the Queen Cow family line.
Stored at multigen reproductive solutions in Kentucky. Buyer responsible for shipping.

Shipment: Embryos ship from MultiGen in Kentucky

Exportable: USA Only

Footnote: Myers queen m180(16906698) is the dam of Myers Keystone bull who is in the GeneX lineup.  A beautifully made, perfect uddered and footed Hoover dam daughters in breed with a tremendous amount of hip in her. 

Guarantee 1 per 3.  Must be put in by certified embryologist within a period of one year accompanied with an embryologist written record input date. Buyer will have 90 days to pregnancy check after input and must have a written statement from a veterinarian to report back with conception rate for any replacement embryos.