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(AAA: *19057457) — Elite Heifer Bull Prospect With Mass & Power — Calving Ease With High WW & YW EPDS — Top 9% on CED — Top 4% on WW — +18 on Docility — Top 10% On YW (+129)

Sire Buyer is excited to bring to you Sitz Resilient 10208; The high selling bull at Sitz Angus Ranch 2019 Fall Bull Sale. Commanding a purchase price of $165,000.00. We believe Resilient has the potential to be one of the most impactful sires the Angus breed has to offer. Resilient will be a cornerstone sire in the SITZ program as they move forward with their quest to produce Profitable Maternal Genetics. Resilient has an outstanding maternal pedigree and design with elite foot score values and $M.
His Dam is off to a tremendous start maintaining a 363 day calving interval and a production record of 2 @ 97 BR 2 @110 WR 1 @ 117 YR. Grandam records 7 calves @ 92 BR 102 WR 102 YR.


Birth Date: 2/15/2018
Reg: AAA *19057457


WW: +76
YW: +129


MILK: +29
MW: +59


$B: +147
$M: +92

Sitz Stellar 726D

Sire: of Sitz Resilient 10208

Sitz Top Game 561X

Maternal Grand Sire of Sitz Resilient 10208

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