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(AAA: *19392993) — Curve Bending Sire — Elite EPD’s & Performance — Elite Level Heifer Bull — Top 15% on WW — Top 10% on RADG — Top 10% On YW

Introducing ‘Profound’. A Curve bending sire with elite EPD’s and performance. Sitz Profound was the top selling son of Sitz Stellar 726D at the Sitz 2020 spring sale. He combines obvious power, with a low birth weight, high growth and large scrotal. His feet are in the top 1% of the herd and he is PAP tested with a 42. This guy has the performance to back it up. Born at 82 lbs and weight an astounding 890 lbs at weaning with a yearling weight of 1344 lbs. A true performer.


Birth Date: 2/1/2019
Reg: AAA +*19392993


WW: +69
YW: +132


MILK: +27
MW: +80


$B: +128
$M: +69

Sitz Stellar 726D

(Sire) of Sitz Profound 680G

Sitz Resilient 10208

(Brother) of Sitz Profound 680G

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