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O C C Do It All 656D

(AAA: *19067876) — Top Heifer Bull Prospect — Proven Calving Ease Sire — Use ‘Do It All’ On A Wide Variety Of Commercial Heifer Bull Projects — Top 25% on CED — Top 25% on BW

Introducing ‘Do It All’. The $115,000 Sire, sold by Ohlde Angus.  He is Curve bending sire with elite calving ease and performance. Use ‘Do It all’ on a wide variety of traditional breeding projects.  He is a proven heifer bull, and is ideal for commerical heifer development projects.  He combines the competiveness of OCC Zodiac 655X & OCC Paxton 730P  in one explosive offering!  Contact us today to get ‘Do It All’ on your bulk breeding list!


Birth Date: 3/15/2016
Reg: AAA *19067876


WW: +35
YW: +61


MILK: +16
MW: +2


$B: +55
$M: +45

O C C Zodiac 655Z

(Sire) of O C C Do It All 656D

O C C Paxton 730P

(Maternal Sire) of O C C Do It All 656D

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