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(AAA: *19436794) — Performance + — Elite Heifer Bull — Mass, Volume, Muscle Expression & Depth of Body — Top 3% on WW — Top 20% on RADG — Top 3% On YW

New to our sire line – Musgrave Jumbo. He was the 2nd high seller in The Musgrave Angus 2020 bull sale, purchased by Styles Angus. His sire is the popular Semex bull Musgrave Colossal. When you put your eyes on this bull he wows you with his thickness, depth, and eye appeal!! Musgrave Jumbo also is a calving ease bull with 10 traits that are in the the top 15% of the breed! Use Jumbo as a calving ease, power sire, that adds muscle, width, and eye appeal. He stands on a perfect hoof in a mid 6 frame package. His unique pedigree combines Colossal with Blaster, Pure Product, and Bando 1961. – 39 scrotal – Actual BW – 71 lbs. WW 90 6lbs & YW 1400 lbs.


Birth Date: 1/12/2019
Reg: AAA +*19436794


WW: +77
YW: +136


MILK: +29
MW: +100


$B: +137
$M: +67

Musgrave 316 Colossal 137

(Sire) of Musgrave Jumbo

Bruns Blaster

(Maternal Sire) of Musgrave Jumbo

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