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KR quality 8525

(AAA: *19219149) — Curve Bending Sire — Elite EPD’s & Performance — ‘Quality’ is Everything His Name Implies — Top 2% on WW — Top 2% on RADG — Top 1% On YW

‘Quality’ is everything his name implies!
‘Quality’ is a game changing sire for all breeding programs needs. He ranks in the Top 2% on Weaning & Yearling EPDS. He is a +25 on Docility. His RADG scores in the Top 2% of the breed as well. A +1.24 on Scrotal with excellent feet. His Maternal excellence only helps propel this sire to his elite level status. His elite Dam ‘ KR Lucy Rose 6587’ is a May-Way Equity daughter with maternal performance, excellent udder quality and high level milk power. ‘Quality’ ranks in the top level scores Carcass quality within Marbling, Ribeye and all &Values.


Birth Date: 2/14/2018
Reg: AAA +*19219149


WW: +84
YW: +158


MILK: +27
MW: +141


$B: +149
$M: +42

TEF Outside 514

(Sire) of KR Quality 8525

May-Way Equity

(Maternal Sire) of KR Quality 8525

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