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beck-CSG optimizer 8005

(AAA: +19353230) — +1.7 (BW)  — Actual 77lbs — Incredible Thickness — Natural Fleshing Ability — Combined IMF of 4.48 & Actual 16.1 Rib — WW (+85) Top 1% of The Breed — YW (+143) Top 1% of The Breed — Added Frame

“Optimizer” whose name states it all, has met and exceeded all performance expectations with a modest 77 lb BW and an explosive top WW of 980 lbs; he didn’t let his foot of the accelerator and turned in the highest YW 1510 lbs and was the #1 yearling bull in the herd for combined IMF of 4.48 and actual 16.1 Rib.  He is the top son of ‘Maximizer’ destined to carry on his sires legacy. His DAM, SAV Elba 1811, is one of the most complete daughters of Bismarck combining phenomenal calving ease, growth and maternal ability.


Birth Date: 1/11/2018
Reg: AAA +*19353230


WW: +88
YW: +142


MILK: +28
MW: +73


$B: +125
$M: +45

KLR Maximizer 1487

Sire: BECK-CSG Optimizer 8005

S A V Elba 1811

DAM: BECK-CSG Optimizer 8005

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