Calvo Next Generation 221D – 50 units – $20.00 ea
Calvo Forager 57E – 50 units – $20.00 ea
Calvo Easy Red 126C – 50 units – $20.00 ea

Units ship from Nebraska. Buyer responsible for shipment.

Calvo Next Generation 221D
Reg #: 3920119
Act BW: 74
$20 p/straw
• Carries a lot of look, charisma, and raw shape; for his wife top and massive rib make him appealing at any angle The one thing that really stands out with him is his ability to move so freely with so much rib shape He has just the right amount of flex in his pastern and has perfect black feet. One thing to note on Next Generation is that he does not grow much hair, so if you’re looking to make females or cattle that can thrive in the souther heat take a look at 221D.

Calvo Forager 57E
Reg #: 4056728
Act BW: 70 lbs
$20 p/straw
• The amount of rib shape, fleshing ability, and power is what makes this young bull exciting. His first crop of calves has just started to hit the ground this spring, and customer reports are coming back stating that his calves come easy with lots of look and shape We suspect Forager’s offspring to maintain the type an kind with extra performance. His dam, 683A, is in our flush program because every year she passes that massive power and shape onto her calves. If you’re looking for a bull to add fleshing ability into your cow herd in one generation – then look no further.

Calvo Easy Red 126C
Reg #: 3561243
Act BW: 70lbs
$20 p/straw
• Calvo Easy Red 126C is a dark-red, PROVEN sleep-all-night heifer bull that is massive from any angle. A big crest in his neck with tons of middle shape, and he carries a low flank with a big, long-made hip. He is a sound moving bull with excellent black feet. 126C is a bull that can uphold his mom’s track record and has been siring some impressive offspring.
• HIs dam, W086, is a direct daughter of the Beckton Nebula M045 bull. She ranks in the top 1% for Calving Ease Direct, Birth Weight, Dry Matter Intake, and Maintenance Energy. Not to mention top 3% in Heifer Pregnancy an posts a 124 on her IMF. She has sired numerous herd bulls in our program that have been used not only on the ranch, but to other purebred programs across the country.