Donor: Miss Striegel A77

10 embryos by Circle S Leachman 600U – $900 ea

(10 – Conv) (Circle S) Leachman 600U (1140615) x Miss Striegel A77 (1548124)

Proj Epds: 5/4/60/92(ADG .20) 5/23/53 (Doc 9) CW 27/MB -.03/REA .66/Shr -.38 (9/107/60)
‘A77’ – was a very prolific producer, with progeny all over the USA and Canada
$900/emb (1-10), if all (10) are purchased by 2/10/2020- the price will be reduced to $800/emb

(Buyer is responsible for ALL costs of shipping or transport) (Stored in WI)