Donor: JF X144

4 embryos by YHSF Freedom – $1250 ea

(4- Conv) THSF Freedom (2224042) x (JF-) ‘X144’ (2560159) –SOLID RED

Proj Epds: 7/2/75/116 (ADG .25) 6/23/60 (Doc 15) CW 36/ MB -.12/REA 1.08/Shr -.46 (19/119/70)
Fantastic Epd profile on this red mating!! Stems from the (Bozone) WBR Miss Junior 2Z donor cow family, with several full-sibs ‘Specialist’ and ‘Greatful Lady’.

$1250/emb (1-4) if all four are purchased by 2/10/2020 the price will reduce to $1150/emb

(Buyer is responsible for ALL costs of shipping and transport) (Stored in WI)