Donor: CNS-HFS Antoinette Y114

6 embryos by SS/PRS Tail Gater 621Z – $1450 ea

(6-IVF) SS/PRS Tail Gater 621Z (2642951) x CNS-HFS Antoinette Y114 (2598842)

Proj Epds: 14/1/68/96 (ADG.17) 7/21/56 (Doc 12) CW 23/Mb .01/REA .73/Shr -.56 (13/121/71)
‘Y114’ -won her class at the IL State Fair, she is a tank and produced well in ET. Strong Maternal & Carcass Epds on both sides of this mating$1450/emb (1-6), if all are purchased by 2/10/2020 — price will be reduced to $1350/emb

(Buyer is responsible for ALL costs of shipping and transport) (Stored in WI)