DonorDHT Traction Lena Maid 902 (+*18109324)

Embryos: Grade 1 & 2


3 embryos by MEAD Magnitude – $700 ea

Shipment: Embryos ship from Missouri

Exportable: USA Only


Ratio 115 for weaning and 108 for yearing.

A record setting top donor female in DHT herd who produced progeny  with 5 EPD’s in top 1% of the Angus breed as of 11/28/17. See DHT Rampage 902 Maid 195  18721264  6 EPD’s in top 1%.  Full sibs DHT Rampage 902 Maid 196  18728010  10 EPD’s in top 10%, full sib bull DHT 902 Rampage Right 210   18739289  11 EPD’s in top 10% or higher. Maid 902 ranks top 1% $Beef with 14 epds in top 10%.

Must be put in by certified embryologist within a period of one year accompanied with an embryologist written record input date. Buyer will have 90 days to pregnancy check after input and must have a written statement from a veterinarian to report back with conception rate for any replacement embryos.