DonorDHT 494 Concrete 545 IVF X (17037256)

Embryos: Grade 1 & 2


5 embryos by VAR Discovery 2240 – $500 ea

2 embryos by Byergo Black Magic 3348 – $600 ea

Shipment: Embryos ship from Missouri

Exportable: USA Only

Footnote: DHT 494 Concrete 545  has been a elite producer of top animals. 545 has 9 ET calves which all rank in the top 5% or higher for $B and top $W with 7 of the 9 progeny in the top 5% or higher of Angus breed for YW. 545’s production record is Wean ratio 108, Year ratio 113, IMF ratio 115 and Rib eye ratio 102, 97 Fat ratio and 94 Rump fat ration  DHT 545 has 3 females with a 50K DNA of top 1% for WW and YW. 545 has been a major contributor to our donor pen These featured frozen embryos by  Baldridge Bronc. Bronc’s dam dominates Baldridge Bull sale 2017. Top 6 bulls all go back to Bronc’s dam. Six Bulls average over $52,000  Top bull $580000. Bronc ranks top 2% or higher for CED,CEM, CW, WW, $B, $W, and RE. Bronc has 11 epd’s in top 4%. Bronc is very balanced bull with top epd’s in all Production, Maternal, Carcass and $Values

Must be put in by certified embryologist within a period of one year accompanied with an embryologist written record input date. Buyer will have 90 days to pregnancy check after input and must have a written statement from a veterinarian to report back with conception rate for any replacement embryos.