Shigemichi 115 – FB27558 – 150 units – $45.00 ea

(Pictured Left: Shigemichi 115)

Shigemichi 115 – FB27558 is probably a top choice for herd building as he has a #1 marbling bull in Michifuku as his Dam’s Sire and he is a good group C bull adding growth and marbling. Keep in mind Wagyu are all low birth weights so anyone looking for Semen to AI Heifers too should take a serious look at this bull.

FB27558 is a well balanced group C bull. 40% Tajima (Marbling) 40% Kedaka (Growth) 13% Tottori and 6% Itozakura. Shigemichi 115 is an SCD AA Tenderness 3 and Free of all known Wagyu genetic defects. This bulls Sire is Shigefuku, a linebred bull that is predictable in his ability to pass onto his offspring genetics vitally needed for long term improvement of Wagyu in the US. Those Traits include higher growth rates and an improved milking ability in females.

This bulls sire had two dams that recently sold for $20,000 and $21,000 in the 2018 steaks are high sale. This bull also traces back to Michifuku who was the previous number one marbling sire in the Wagyu sire summary. Also, 85% of Michifuku’s 12,000 F1 Calves graded a 9+ on the Australian grading scale which is several grades higher than the US Scale.

Semen is stored at Vogler Semen Center in Ashland, NE. Buyer responsible for shipping payment!